At four weeks old they take another trip to the vet just to make sure everyone is developing properly. We have a Facebook page that gets updated almost daily, during the fourth week families come and make their picks, if they know the name of the puppy from that point on we are working on teaching them their name. We encourage people that live nearby to visit as much as they want, and we can accommodate. At 7 weeks the pups make one last vet visit, one more check and get their shots. We like to keep them for a day or two after to make sure there are no reactions to the vaccines. 

They stay in the guestroom with their mama for 2 weeks, where they are monitored 24/7. One of us is up at all hours never leaving them for more than a couple of minutes. This may seem to some people as a little bit too cautious, but we find that being able to control the temperature in the room and ensure that Mom doesn't roll over on them or get worried about one that is crying across the whelping box is good for everyone.

At two weeks they move into our sunroom, which was designed specifically for the needs of our dogs, it is all windows, and the dogs have a dog door that allows them freedom to see things like doves in the yard and be able to take off chasing them! The puppies stay in the sunroom in a custom built pen. We work on crate training and paper training. Julie is a behavior analyst and enjoys using her job skills to work with the puppies. They have a simulated that visit almost every day, where they are taking up on the table, Weighed and have their paws, mouth, and ears messed with. They hear all of the household sounds such as washing machine's, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers pots and pans clanging around, tVs and radios. Mark tries to plan some small projects to do outside of the sunroom using nail guns, electric saws, anything that will make different noises for them to experience.

The first week of life they are weighed four times a day so that we can identify struggling pups and give them whatever they may need for support. At 2-3 days old they take a trip to the vet to get their dewclaws removed in their tails docked. After a week, mama starts spending a bit more time out of the whelping box, the pups don't have to eat as often, we weigh them twice a day.

Texas Vizslas

We are not a kennel. Our dogs are our family pets, they are inside dogs. Our puppies are born in our guest room.