Texas Vizslas

Bullet (Has a new loving family)

​Millie (Has a new loving family)

Twiggy (Has a new loving family)

This is Gauge of Rose Hill

Our wonderful new friends and breeding mentors of Rose Hill Vizslas allowed him to come stay with us for a week and half.

Ellie (Has a new loving family, She is staying with us!!!!)

Niko (Has a new loving family)

Bernie (Has a new loving family)

He let us know every time there was a dove in our yard! As you can see he started early with his love for hunting

I can't believe how big our pile is!!

A Pile of Puppies!!!

Blaze (Has a new loving family)

Charlie (Has a new loving family​)

Proud Mama!

These babies are crazy!! LOL!! They are so fun to play with, they have been having lessons on not biting humans the last 2 days and are getting much better

We are so excited that all of our babies have such great families!!

Next Thursday is their health check and shots!