Texas Vizslas

I can't believe how big our pile is!!

A Pile of Puppies!!!

Blaze (Has a new loving family)

Charlie (Has a new loving family​)

Twiggy (Has a new loving family)

Bernie (Has a new loving family)

Proud Mama!

These babies are crazy!! LOL!! They are so fun to play with, they have been having lessons on not biting humans the last 2 days and are getting much better

He let us know every time there was a dove in our yard! As you can see he started early with his love for hunting

This is Gauge of Rose Hill

Our wonderful new friends and breeding mentors of Rose Hill Vizslas allowed him to come stay with us for a week and half.

We are so excited that all of our babies have such great families!!

Next Thursday is their health check and shots! 

Ellie (Has a new loving family, She is staying with us!!!!)

Bullet (Has a new loving family)

Niko (Has a new loving family)

​Millie (Has a new loving family)