Lady Elizabeth of Red Jewel Valley         

                     Whelped 7/30/2014

Vizslas love all things outdoors. They are happy to join in with whatever their family want to do, their main goal is to spend time with family, whatever that entails.

Delilah loves to be with us ALL THE TIME! She loves to sit in the hot tub!!

Vizslas are a great dog breed if you would like a constant companion. To learn more about breed specific behavior you can visit our dog breed information page.

Texas Vizslas


​Lord Luke of Red Jewel Valley

​               Whelped 6/4/2015

It is hard to find of Picture of Vashti not snuggling up to someone.  She is sweet and petite, and loves to play with Luke!

Mama showed her the most comfortable way to sleep on the couch

Delilah jumped in the boat, ready to go when Mark took the cover off to get it ready for the season.


Lone Star Rodeos Little Red Delilah

                                        Whelped 4/15/2011


​Queen Vashti of Red Jewel Valley

​               Whelped 5/12/2016

Luke came to us from a breeder in Iowa. He has been a joy from day 1. So sweet and cuddly!! He is very funny, so great with everyone. Loves to go on car rides and gets so excited when there are doves in the yard!!!

Ellie turns 3 in July, she has grown into a beautiful Dam! She loves to hunt, She keeps a good eye on anything that comes onto the property!