Vizslas were breed for the Hungarian Aristocrats as a family dog. They were not kenneled, they did not sleep outside, after a long day of hunting they joined the rest of the family in the house. These medium sized, golden rust colored sporting dogs have been depicted in etchings as far back as the 10th century. They are sometimes confused for a red Weimaraner or a Rhodesian Ridgeback, though smaller then both. They shed very little and have very little odor so they require little grooming maintenance. They are very obedient and strive to please. They are extremely intelligent, lap dogs for life. Delilah happily follows me from room to room all day long. When I am working at the kitchen table she likes to go outside and lie on the hot tub so she can see me through the window. They are excellent hunters, they point on instinct, have a great nose, soft mouth and are very quick on their feet. Delilah's favorite game is to find the training dummy. I keep her in the house and Mark hides it somewhere in our 2 acre yard, she starts circling and can find it anywhere in under 2 minutes, even in the boat! Yep, they can jump that high! Vizslas were the 1st breed in the AKC to get a triple championship, show, field and obedience. They carry  themselves in a very dignified, regal manner. They are light on their feet and love everything outdoors. They are sensitive, loving companions. They are gentle and affectionate kid friendly pets.  They are mostly quiet, but have a nice loud bark and will use it to alert us to visitors or passerby's.  In general they consider everyone a friend, our little white Malitpoo has to be restrained but our Delilah will happily greet anyone. Their nickname "Velcro dogs" is accurate and an important consideration when committing to bring a Vizsla into your life. They have a deep need and desire to be with their family. Our dog favorite time of the day is 9:00 when Mark and I go sit in bed with a glass of wine and watch TV they lay right in between us or at our feet making sure they are touching us. With adequate exercise and family time they are well behaved and relaxed.

Texas Vizslas